What I draw is the essence of the things. Just to be aware of one's soul.

The essence expressed in original sphere with original figures on screen.


The figures seen on canvas could be a number, an unit, feelings and so on.

It could be a shadow of mankind.It means that we can't stop thinking.



My suggestions guide you how to FEEL than keep THINKING. And also to disprove one’s common sense.On screen I am insisting to give shape even it titled obscure word. 

This is uncategorized style, abstract and figurative world in one. I am trying to create animation painting.(Animation on static panel) And I call it "Artwarp"personally. 


What I care is that I make them without under drawing because I should be the first person who watch the completed work. So I work for reading what the materials wants and follow them. Put the lines,coloures,then unite. Then they give me the title.

It is very fun to be shocked by them. Because it is so unexpected. And it means the author is completely dominated by the material. Isn’t it beautiful?

As I shocked by them, tells me that the work ahead.  


I am influenced by the mentality of Gustave Moreau.His words:"I do not believe what I see or touch but I believe what I can not see or what I feel" is just reality for me.


And during academic years, I'd been inspired a lot by W.Kandinsky. Especially his giving shape opinion. So when I work I always pay attention to give it a shape.He said that we/artist should tell the audience what we want to say through one's work.In my case it's the thing's essence.


Also I am chasing one which won't die,live long painting.