My specialty of work are “ transparency”,”given shape”and “Animation painting/movement on screen”. I enjoy the possibility of oil colours .I try to complete them as live long work.The art should be the latest always. After 50 or 100 years,I want to be shocked by the works at always. The work has expressed with original sphere with n dimensions.It gives own movement and this can make animation on static screen.These makes my style and I call them as unknown world “ARTWARP”.


I was searching for long time how to project abstract art to the audience.I wanted to show new way of translation more obviously.And finally I found the solution by giving them a shape.As I'd been inspired a lot by W.Kandinsky. And I began  to communicate with my soul. What I draw is the essence of things. Just to be aware of one's soul.


The figures seen on screen could be a shadow of mankind.It means that we can't stop thinking.When you imagine that during watching certain work,you are in a field of FEELING,but, when you found the figures on screen your brain will suddenly switch to THINKING because you had ever saw this figures and can’t stop thinking. At the same time I would like to say that we are a human being. We can not escape from this reaction thinking.This is very important what to accept.And knowing who we are. My suggestions guide you how to FEEL than keep THINKING.


This is uncategorized style, abstract and figurative world in one.

I’d been influenced a lot by Gustave Moreau.His words:"I do not believe what I see or touch but I believe what I can not see or what I feel" is just reality for me.

I want to make people  shocked to disprove common sense. Because this could be a key to aware one’s soul.


Existence of my works

I don’t paint the back ground on canvas. This is because of importance of quality. And also respect the people who made wood frame, canvas and so on. This is a work on ready made. Things never complete by itself. This is also one of my concept that the things on this earth, consists of more than 2 different things.


I do abstraction but it is little bit unique way it’s own. Abstraction doesn’t improve from figurative result. But I make abstraction towards to figurative to make communicate with people. (towards to figurative word/title) It’s always “challenge” by all means. These years I was trying to “land scape” and I presented as “New landscape”. And I improved the expression by putting that title A+B. This to show from different way to approach each other. 

2019 my interest finally close to math world. It’s always taking time to make it in real to make up my mind. 


Art and Math…2019

Euclidean space +… n dimensions

Time in both ways to reality and movement on imagination

Unlimited possibilities comes from one dimensional line.

Canvas is a window to dive into the new planet(artwarp)


I expect myself how will it gonna be my “still life” in future.

But I’m pretty sure that I’ll be return to one dimensional line at the end.


One of my favorite artist: Maurizio Cattelan