Exhibition and News

2015/01/01 19:06

A Happy New Year!

dedicated a design of sheep for sheep year to the Mori shrine.

2014/12/28 11:18

ACT Art Award 2015

6~10.Jan.2015 at The Artcomplex Center Tokyo.


11:00~20:00, 11:00~18:00/10.Jan

*Free admission

Award Ceremony 10.Jan 16:00~17:00

2014/12/23 19:55

Tokyo Art Navigation

Been selected for this year’s  Special Prize. Thank you.


2014/11/23 21:01

Tokyo Art Navigation

been selected for a finalist. Thank you.

2014/11/18 14:55

Artstream 2014 report

14. Nov.~16. Nov.2014 in Osaka